Spicing Up Your Cat Kicker Toy with Cool Colors

Alright, so you’ve got this awesome cat kicker toy, but it’s a bit plain, right? Why not give it a splash of color to make it pop for your furball? Here are the secrets on how to add cool colors to your cat kicker toy in simple steps:

Stuff You’ll Need

Here are the needs.

Cat Kicker Toy

Obviously, you need your cat kicker toy—the one you can’t take apart.

Fabric Paints

Get your hands on some fabric paint in the colors you dig. They’re pet-friendly and good for toys.


Grab small paintbrushes for precision.

Palette or disposable plate

This is where you mix and thin the paint if you’re going fancy.

Paper Towels

Keep them handy for wiping spills and cleaning brushes.


You’ll need it to rinse brushes and thin the paint if it’s too thick.

Newspaper or plastic sheet

Protect your work area from messy paint splatters with this


After preparing the needs, you can follow the steps.

Set Up Your Spot

Spread out some newspaper or a plastic sheet on a flat surface. This saves your table or floor from a paint mess.

Pick your colors

Choose the color you’re feeling. Bright and snazzy shades like red, yellow, and blue can jazz up your toy.

Mix or thin the paint (if you want)

If you’re in the mood for custom colors or want to tone down the paint, mix ’em up on your palette or plate. Add a smidge of water if you need to thin it out.

Get Painting

Dip your brush in one of your chosen colors and start painting that kicker toy. You can go wild with patterns, stripes, or whatever you’re vibing with. Just make sure the paint’s even and covers the fabric nicely.

Wait for it to dry

After your artsy session, let the paint dry all the way. It might take a few hours or even overnight, depending on the paint type. Follow the paint label for drying tips.

Go for more colors, dude!

Wanna make it a rainbow toy? Go ahead and paint more layers with your other favorite colors. Just wait for each layer to dry before slapping on the next one, so things don’t get smudgy.

Safety Check

Before your cat goes wild with the newly painted toy, make sure the paint is dry and doesn’t rub off easily. Gently rub it with a paper towel to double-check.

Playtime, Baby!

Now that your cat kicker toy is a color explosion, let your cat dive into some supervised playtime. Watch how those vivid colors grab their attention.

Keep an eye out

Regularly inspect the painted toy for any wear and tear. If the paint starts to peel, it’s time for a touch-up. Always put your cat’s safety first.


Adding rad colors to your cat kicker toy is a super fun way to amp up playtime. Just remember to use pet-safe stuff and keep an eye on your cat while they enjoy their colorful new toy. With a bit of creativity, you’ll make playtime a visually exciting and engaging experience for your furry pal.